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After finishing your Global Studies bachelor degree, you might think about pursuing a master's degree. Since Global Studies is an interdisciplinary programme, there are many different paths you can take after your bachelor.

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The Global Studies programme offered at Maastricht University is a Bachelor of Science degree. Bachelors have equal recognition in Europe, but there might be some specific requirements or prerequisites depending on the programme you're interested in. It is important to check these requirements beforehand to know whether and how you can be admitted to the programme. For some programme's, e.g. Medecine, you might not be admissible at all, since the discipline is too different from our bachelor programme.


There are several things to consider before choosing a master's degree, such as your interests, your preferred country to study in and your vision for the future. While the Global Studies bachelor is interdisciplinary, you might want to specialize in one specific discipline after graduating or continue studying a multi-disciplinary degree.

Some possible fields of study that could be interesting for a future Global Studies graduate include: International Relations, Development, Regional Studies, Governance and Public Administration, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Culture, Economy, Migration, Law, Media, and many more.


To help you with your search, you can consult different websites. You can take a look at this website to learn about all English programmes in the Netherlands and here you can find all the Master's programmes offered at Maastricht University. But maybe you want to study in a different country? These websites show you master programmes worldwide:, FindAMasters Degree Worldwide and StudyAdvisor. You might also just want to explore the master programmes on the websites of universities that interest you. And don't forget to check out possible scholarships! Other ways to help you decide which master programme to choose include going to open days or experience days and gathering experiences in the field that interests you (by doing a minor, summer school, internship, etc.).

We hope this helps you in your search for a master's degree. Good luck!

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