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The Full Story


Founded in 2020, The "Global Studies Community" (GSC) is an ambitious study association of the interdisciplinary programme B.Sc Global Studies, equally taught by 6 faculties at Maastricht University.  We support our community by offering social and academic extracurricular activities for a diverse community coming from over 30 countries.



The Global Studies programme teaches students to understand global challenges from a variety of perspectives coming from psychology, law, data science, economics, history, global health, politics and sociology.  We firmly believe that when students can understand and make connections across a diverse array of knowledge and skills, they embark on a path to more rewarding lives and employment opportunities. Higher education can and must do a better job of leading the way out of disciplinary silos and we are at the forefront of this wave. 


In the spirit of our motto "Building Bridges", we want to assist our peers in the progress of becoming actors who are trained to integrate knowledge from different disciplines to better understand and intervene in complex global problems of the 21st century. The Global Studies Community organizes different activities to equip Global Studies students with valuable skills and knowledge outside the classroom. Furthermore, we provide helpful information for both current and future Global Studies students.

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