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​Caleb is South African and has lived most of his life in larger cities in the middle of the country like Johannesburg which is located close to Pretoria. He has roots in Austria and Scotland which exposed him from an early age to different cultures. Furthermore, due to his father's work, he has traveled a lot and has visited several countries around the world. He once even spent up to 4 months on a crew ship, in total has visited 37 countries on his travels, and has set foot on every continent except for Antarctica. 

My Story

Caleb has really been shaped by the world through all the exposure to different people and cultures in his life.


"But I still feel the most connected to the South African culture. I often miss the weather and the whole vibe since I moved to the Netherlands."


Besides studying with us, Caleb is doing a great job as a first-year student board member at the Education Programme Committee (EPC), which is a committee that on the one hand advocates on behalf of the students' concerns/interests, and on the other hand investigates the performance and success of our Bachelor’s program.

Something that fellow students who know Caleb can definitely confirm is his open-minded personality, his passion to talk about many different subjects, especially in the political field, and his ability to engage with a topic on a very deep level.

What do you like the most about Global Studies?


I like the different sources and methods of how we acquire our knowledge. Often films and role-plays are part of our tutorials, and also many non-European perspectives are included in the material. The skills we learn are very relevant and the diverse perspectives in the course are a huge enrichment. Although most students in our program are originally from Europe, everyone has a different background, made different experiences, and looks at topics in class from another point of view, a good example of this is the current Russia-Ukraine war. It is incredibly valuable to be able to learn with people who come from countries neighboring Ukraine and bring very different and also personal opinions into the discourse. Moreover, it is inspiring to meet so many motivated people with strong opinions in Global Studies who are passionate about making a difference in the world.


What are your plans regarding your professional career?


Because life changes so much over time, I do not know that exactly yet but I may pursue a master's degree after completing Global Studies. I would like to work in politics and more specifically in local South African politics. Furthermore, I can also envision working in larger governmental institutions like the EU or UN, or as a plan B, I would consider working as a diplomat or journalist.

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