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 Gloria is one of the very few students among us who originally comes from an Asian country and she decided to come study in the Netherlands because she knew higher education in a more Western country would greatly shape her life. Gloria's dream is to travel the world, in the future, for instance, she aims to gather experience in an African country, possibly as a volunteer.

My Story

I'm from China and I grew up close to the border of Hong Kong and moved there at the age of 15. Before starting Global Studies last year,  I took part in the foundation program for one year in order to meet the entry requirements for a Bachelors's course at UM.

What do you think about Global Studies?


For me, I especially like how we learn to become critical thinkers in our studies and that on the other hand all students are very open-minded and have a very empathetic attitude towards each other. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary way of learning is something I particularly value in our program. Subjects as well as countries cannot be considered separately but must be studied together. We can see this in the recent Ukraine-Russia conflict, which shows very clearly that the consequences of war in one place leads to economic, social, and bureaucratic changes through traditional borderlines. Using interdisciplinary learning to understand complex, interconnected, and interdependent systems is urgently needed to tackle the issues of the 21st century. 

Regarding the diversity in the program, I find it very enriching and valuable that we have people studying from different backgrounds, including many from a wide variety of European countries. Moreover, despite our course does an excellent job of incorporating very diverse learning content such as readings and lecturers from all over the world and particularly outside Europe, I'm urging to have more material and discourse with an Asian influence. This can be partly due to there are not yet enough people with Asian heritage in our study program. I feel if this would change, more ideas would flourish in the class due to an increase in Asian know-how. 

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