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Hey everyone, my name is Johanna Firley and I´m a first year Global Studies student at FASoS. I´m from the cozy town Bonn in Germany, where I studied Economics, Politics & Society before coming to Maastricht.

My Story

My favourite part about Global Studies is definitely the international student community and the relevant topics we tackle in our programme. The current semester “Environment and Economy” is my favourite so far, as we are investigating the complex relationship between ecology and economic growth from different perspectives. 

How have you liked Global Studies so far? 

I really enjoy Global Studies, as it helps me to gain a deeper understanding about the multi-facetted interrelations of our modern globalized world. It also inspires me to reflect on my own role in society. 

Besides university work, Maastricht offers amazing opportunities to enjoy your student life ;). I can absolutely recommend checking out the comfy Banditos café located at the heart of FASos. It's one of the cutest places in the city to study or have a lovely time with friends. To relax, I love taking walks along the Maas or at St. Pietersberg - one of the best spots for having a picnic with friends and watching the sunset. After a busy study week, it's amazing to enjoy a drink at Peter's Irish Pub at markt during Friday night´s karaoke.  

My favourite part about Fasos are the open-minded students and teaching staff and combined with the strong focus on sustainability and diversity in university life. I am really thankful to have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world and study in such a vibrant community. 

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